“Subscribe anytime.” How is that done, please? I’m just not reading as much as I thought I would. Thanks.

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I fear that the phrase "Network Television Debut" is one of those phrases that mystifies most people these days. (Partly because shows like Johnny Carson's would never have R.E.M. on, no matter how popular they got.) I remember staying up to watch them on Letterman's show (which itself was somewhat new). Around the same time, they were on a show on Nickelodeon where the questions from the audience turned out to be a lot more astute that I would've imagined.

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Hi! It's Barbara with whom you replied to my email this morning! I have already subscribed to your page and look forward to reading your thoughtful works! I see you have a book coming out, and I absolutely love your choice of subject! I am a dog owner of a breed of Russian dogs that were just accepted into the AKC. The breeder of my pup, I believe, will have her first entry into the WDS this year. If you would like, I can probably arrange a meeting with her via in-person or by phone. I have your email address so I will send you a picture, and you can see what these quirky beautiful dogs look like! Mine is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!!

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Hi Tommy,

I think reading your writing is real fun, like drinking a can of "Blue Girl" dizzy and easy. Hope you'd consider to give us this free space to "hang out" as long as you can. Make this "our space".


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Dear Substack members,

I'm inviting you to visit my page and the last review I have uploaded recently. I'm going to do more reviews on a regular basis :)

Thank you in advance!



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Feb 4, 2022Liked by Tommy Tomlinson

So glad I found this. The Elephant was inspirational and I listen to the audio version whenever I feel lost. 460 to 225 and dropping. Thanks Tommy!

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