I’m Tommy Tomlinson and this is The Writing Shed. I’m a writer based in Charlotte. My memoir, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, came out in 2019. These days I’m working on a book about the Westminster Dog Show, and the bond between dogs and their people. You’ll be hearing a lot about…
Our temporary housesitter, plus my weekly shareables: Roy Kent, Pop-Tarts, and a normal night at Waffle House
How I build a story, plus my weekly shareables: A fast car, running on empty, and charting a new course
This is the latest installment of Heaven is a Playlist — an occasional series about the songs that move me more than any other. To catch up, read Track…
A book that explores our backwaters, plus my weekly shareables: new rules in baseball, an old hotel in New York, and the Boston Marathon's favorite dog
A quick announcement for Charlotte-area Shedheads: Nic Brown, the guest on my latest SOUTHBOUND podcast, is doing a book signing for his memoir BANG…
How we talk to (and about) dogs, plus my weekly shareables: the puzzlemaster, the ringmaster, and the music master
A moment of magic at the beach, plus my weekly shareables: An unsettling chatbot, lifting heavy weight, and new music from Ben Folds
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