I’m Tommy Tomlinson and this is The Writing Shed. I’m a writer based in Charlotte. My memoir, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, came out in 2019. These days I’m working on a book about the Westminster Dog Show, and the bond between dogs and their people. You’ll be hearing a lot about…
Plus Links of the Week, including BookTok, two amazing poems, and Duke's beloved dog
Miracles don't last long these days
The fear and satisfaction of finishing a project ... plus Links of the Week, including pimento cheese, the White House record collection, and a…
Plus something new you need to read
What I was up to this weekend, plus Links of the Week: old rock stars, a spring delicacy, reggae does country, and much more
Is Elon Musk going to make Twitter worse? And would that be OK?
Telling people about the good stuff, plus Links of the Week: Barnes & Noble turns hero, the tyranny of lists, a beautiful dog story, plus much more ...
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